Polypeptide MELO3C003004P1

Accession: MELO3C003004P1

Name: MELO3C003004P1

Description: Similar to Mitogen-activated protein kinase 8 (Oryza sativa subsp. japonica) (uniprot_sprot:sp|Q5SN53|MPK8_ORYSJ)


>MELO3C003004P1 Similar to Mitogen-activated protein kinase 8 (Oryza sativa subsp. japonica) (uniprot_sprot:sp|Q5SN53|MPK8_ORYSJ)

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These properties come from reactome analysis

REACTOME_REACTION: ERKs are inactivated by protein phosphatase 2A (REACT_12539), Nuclear translocation of phospho-ERK-2 dimer (REACT_487), ERKs are inactivated by dual-specific phosphatases (DUSPs) (REACT_12439), ERK1/2 phosphorylates MSK1 (REACT_12576), Nuclear translocation of phospho-ERK-1 dimer (REACT_1866), MEK1 phosphorylates ERK-1 (REACT_136), Dimerisation of phospho-ERK-2 (REACT_2196), Phosphorylated MAPKs phosphorylate ATF-2 (REACT_6719), Phosphorylation of L1 by ERK (REACT_22099), ERK1/2/5 activate RSK1/2/3 (REACT_12487), MEK1 binds ERK-1 (REACT_1780), Dimerisation of phospho-ERK-1 (REACT_1289), MEK2 binds ERK-2 (REACT_495), ERK1/2 activates ELK1 (REACT_12406), Phosphorylation of cPLA2 by ERK-2 (REACT_23990), SOS phosphorylation and dissociation (IRS) (REACT_169), Beta-arrestin-1 acts as scaffold for a PAR1 signalling complex (REACT_23781), Dissociation of phospho-ERK-1:MEK1 (REACT_1740), MEK2 phosphorylates ERK-2 (REACT_2247), Dissociation of phospho-ERK-2:MEK2 (REACT_1019), Phosphorylation by MAPK/ERK (REACT_20562), c-FOS activation by phospho ERK1/2 (REACT_21251), Phosphorylation of UBF-1:rDNA Promoter (REACT_180), SOS phosphorylation and dissociation (SHC) (REACT_1420), AGER binds ERK1/2 (REACT_25020), SOS phosphorylation and dissociation (IRS, Crk) (REACT_26), Activation of MAPK (REACT_20631), Beta-arrestin-2 acts as scaffold for a PAR1 signalling complex (REACT_23960).

biological_process: small GTPase mediated signal transduction, Ras protein signal transduction, stress-activated MAPK cascade, innate immune response, toll-like receptor 1 signaling pathway, toll-like receptor 2 signaling pathway, toll-like receptor 3 signaling pathway, activation of MAPKK activity, activation of MAPK activity, ERK1 and ERK2 cascade, regulation of sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity, toll-like receptor signaling pathway, axon guidance, synaptic transmission, MAPKKK cascade, MyD88-independent toll-like receptor signaling pathway, MyD88-dependent toll-like receptor signaling pathway, nerve growth factor receptor signaling pathway, toll-like receptor 4 signaling pathway, insulin receptor signaling pathway, transcription from RNA polymerase I promoter, transcription initiation from RNA polymerase I promoter, platelet activation, epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathway, Toll signaling pathway, blood coagulation.

REACTOME_COMPLEX: Activated PAR1:Beta-arrestin-2:Src:ERK [plasma membrane] (REACT_24842), phospho-ERK-2 dimer [cytosol] (REACT_3688), MEK2:ERK-2 [cytosol] (REACT_5435), phospho-ERK-2 dimer [nucleoplasm] (REACT_5046), phospho-ERK-1 dimer [cytosol] (REACT_3932), phospho-ERK-1 dimer [nucleoplasm] (REACT_3152), phospho-ERK-2:MEK2 [cytosol] (REACT_3199), Activated PAR1:Beta-arrestin-1:Activated Src:ERK [plasma membrane] (REACT_24357), Activated PAR1:Beta-arrestin-1:Activated Src:Activated ERK [plasma membrane] (REACT_24392), Activated PAR1:Beta-arrestin-1:Src:ERK [plasma membrane] (REACT_24135), pL1 (S1204, 1248):ERK2:clathrin-dynamin complex [endosome] (REACT_23286), MEK1:ERK-1 [cytosol] (REACT_5539), phospho-ERK-1:MEK1 [cytosol] (REACT_2796), AGER ligands:AGER:ERK [plasma membrane] (REACT_26296).

REACTOME_PATHWAY: Thrombin signalling through proteinase activated receptors (PARs) (REACT_21384), Prolonged ERK activation events (REACT_12005), SHC-mediated signalling (REACT_661), ERK activation (REACT_1482), ERK/MAPK targets (REACT_12599), G-protein mediated events (REACT_15526), Down-stream signal transduction (REACT_17025), MAP kinase activation in TLR cascade (REACT_21308), Toll Like Receptor 9 (TLR9) Cascade (REACT_9047), NCAM signaling for neurite out-growth (REACT_18334), MyD88 dependent cascade initiated on endosome (REACT_25222), ERK1 activation (REACT_1391), Ca-dependent events (REACT_15307), NGF signalling via TRKA from the plasma membrane (REACT_12056), Signalling to ERKs (REACT_12058), Nuclear Events (kinase and transcription factor activation) (REACT_12433), ERKs are inactivated (REACT_12436), Toll Like Receptor 5 (TLR5) Cascade (REACT_9061), Hemostasis (REACT_604), IRS-related events (REACT_762), phospho-PLA2 pathway (REACT_15466), Grb2 events in EGFR signaling (REACT_12606), RNA Polymerase I Promoter Opening (REACT_2232), Signaling by PDGF (REACT_16888), Activation of the AP-1 family of transcription factors (REACT_21326), Signaling by Insulin receptor (REACT_498), MAPK targets/ Nuclear events mediated by MAP kinases (REACT_21328), ERK2 activation (REACT_1183), MyD88 cascade initiated on plasma membrane (REACT_27215), Immune System (REACT_6900), Signalling to RAS (REACT_12033), Signalling by NGF (REACT_11061), Insulin receptor signalling cascade (REACT_1195), Platelet activation triggers (REACT_622), Post NMDA receptor activation events (REACT_20593), Signal attenuation (REACT_508), Advanced glycosylation endproduct receptor signaling (REACT_25195), Opioid Signalling (REACT_15295), RSK activation (REACT_20510), Toll Like Receptor TLR6:TLR2 Cascade (REACT_8006), Toll Like Receptor TLR1:TLR2 Cascade (REACT_8005), Signal transduction by L1 (REACT_22272), Toll Like Receptor 4 (TLR4) Cascade (REACT_6894), RNA Polymerase I, RNA Polymerase III, and Mitochondrial Transcription (REACT_21352), IRS-mediated signalling (REACT_332), TRAF6 mediated induction of NFkB and MAP kinases upon TLR7/8 or 9 activation (REACT_25024), Formation of Platelet plug (REACT_20), Neuroransmitter Receptor Binding And Downstream Transmission In The Postsynaptic Cell (REACT_15370), Recycling pathway of L1 (REACT_22365), Axon guidance (REACT_18266), SOS-mediated signalling (REACT_524), RNA Polymerase I Promoter Clearance (REACT_1974), PLC beta mediated events (REACT_15426), Signalling to p38 via RIT and RIN (REACT_12077), Frs2-mediated activation (REACT_12076), Synaptic Transmission (REACT_13685), Shc events in EGFR signaling (REACT_12579), Transcription (REACT_1788), Signaling by EGFR (REACT_9417), ARMS-mediated activation (REACT_12002), L1CAM interactions (REACT_22205), RAF/MAP kinase cascade (REACT_634), Toll Like Receptor 7/8 (TLR7/8) Cascade (REACT_9020), Toll Like Receptor 10 (TLR10) Cascade (REACT_9027), Transmission across Chemical Synapses (REACT_13477), RNA Polymerase I Transcription (REACT_1309), Toll Like Receptor 3 (TLR3) Cascade (REACT_6783), TRAF6 Mediated Induction of proinflammatory cytokines (REACT_6782), Toll Like Receptor 2 Cascade (REACT_7980), Toll Receptor Cascades (REACT_6966), MyD88:Mal cascade initiated on plasma membrane (REACT_6788), Platelet Activation (REACT_798), Activated TLR4 signalling (REACT_6890), SHC-related events (REACT_999), MyD88-independent cascade initiated on plasma membrane (REACT_6809), Activation of NMDA receptor upon glutamate binding and postsynaptic events (REACT_20563), NFkB and MAP kinases activation mediated by TLR4 signaling repertoire (REACT_25281), CREB phosphorylation through the activation of Ras (REACT_20568), Innate Immunity Signaling (REACT_6802).

These properties come from blast2go analysis

molecular_function: ATP binding, MAP kinase activity.

biological_process: protein phosphorylation.


Located in CM3.5_scaffold01595 from 3075800 to 3076640.

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In PhylomeDB is Phy003A8YU_CUCME .

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