Protein coding gene MELO3C008879

Accession: MELO3C008879

Name: MELO3C008879

Description: Similar to Triosephosphate isomerase, cytosolic (Arabidopsis thaliana) (uniprot_sprot:sp|P48491|TPIS_ARATH)


These properties come from kegg analysis

KEGG_REACTION: D-glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate (R01015).

molecular_function: triose-phosphate isomerase activity.

COG: Triosephosphate isomerase (COG0149).

These properties come from blast2go analysis

molecular_function: acyltransferase activity, triose-phosphate isomerase activity.

cellular_component: apoplast, chloroplast stroma, plasma membrane, cell wall.

biological_process: response to cadmium ion, response to salt stress, fatty acid biosynthetic process, pentose-phosphate shunt, glycolysis, gluconeogenesis.


Located in CM3.5_scaffold00010 from 1843110 to 1846499.

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