Protein coding gene MELO3C010794

Accession: MELO3C010794

Name: MELO3C010794

Description: Similar to Calcium-transporting ATPase 3, endoplasmic reticulum-type (Arabidopsis thaliana) (uniprot_sprot:sp|Q9SY55|ECA3_ARATH)


These properties come from reactome analysis

REACTOME_REACTION: Calcium is sequestered to the golgi by secretory pathway calcium-ATPases (SPCAs) (REACT_25301).

REACTOME_PATHWAY: Ion channel transport (REACT_25300), Ion transport by P-type ATPases (REACT_25149), Transmembrane transport of small molecules (REACT_15518).

REACTOME_COMPLEX: ATP2C1/2:Mg2+ [Golgi membrane] (REACT_27002).

biological_process: transmembrane transport, ion transmembrane transport.

These properties come from blast2go analysis

molecular_function: ATP binding, calcium ion binding, calcium-transporting ATPase activity, magnesium ion binding.

cellular_component: sarcoplasmic reticulum membrane, nuclear membrane, integral to membrane.

biological_process: calcium ion transport, ATP biosynthetic process.


Located in CM3.5_scaffold00014 from 884558 to 890356.

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