Protein coding gene MELO3C014116

Accession: MELO3C014116

Name: MELO3C014116

Description: Similar to Poly(A)-specific ribonuclease PARN (Arabidopsis thaliana) (uniprot_sprot:sp|Q9LG26|PARN_ARATH)


These properties come from blast2go analysis

cellular_component: mitochondrion.

These properties come from reactome analysis

REACTOME_REACTION: Deadenylation of mRNA by PARN (REACT_20662), KSRP Recruits RNA Degradation Activities (REACT_25257).

biological_process: nuclear-transcribed mRNA poly(A) tail shortening, nuclear-transcribed mRNA catabolic process, deadenylation-dependent decay, mRNA metabolic process, RNA metabolic process.

REACTOME_COMPLEX: KSRP:mRNA Degradation Complex [cytosol] (REACT_26058), PARN homodimer [cytosol] (REACT_21052).

REACTOME_PATHWAY: Destabilization of mRNA by KSRP (REACT_25042), Regulation of mRNA Stability by Proteins that Bind AU-rich Elements (REACT_24994), Deadenylation of mRNA (REACT_20514), Metabolism of RNA (REACT_21257), Deadenylation-dependent mRNA decay (REACT_20639), Metabolism of mRNA (REACT_20605).

These properties come from phylome analysis

molecular_function: metal ion binding, poly(A)-specific ribonuclease activity, RNA binding, nucleic acid binding.

cellular_component: cytoplasm, nucleus.

biological_process: locomotion, response to salicylic acid stimulus, response to abscisic acid stimulus, defense response, mRNA processing.

These properties come from kegg analysis

KEGG_ORTHOLOGS: poly(A)-specific ribonuclease [EC:] (K01148).

molecular_function: poly(A)-specific ribonuclease activity.


Located in CM3.5_scaffold00021 from 4339030 to 4342738.

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