Polypeptide MELO3C018159P1

Accession: MELO3C018159P1

Name: MELO3C018159P1

Description: Similar to Tyrosine-protein phosphatase non-receptor type 20 (Rattus norvegicus) (uniprot_sprot:sp|A1L1L3|PTN20_RAT)


>MELO3C018159P1 Similar to Tyrosine-protein phosphatase non-receptor type 20 (Rattus norvegicus) (uniprot_sprot:sp|A1L1L3|PTN20_RAT)

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These properties come from reactome analysis

REACTOME_REACTION: Dephosphorylation of JAKs by PTPs (REACT_25190), Dephosphorylation of CD3-zeta by PD-1 bound phosphatases (REACT_19146), SHP2 binds gp130 phosphotyrosine-759 (REACT_27260), SHP-1 and SHP-2 bind pBTLA (REACT_19365), SHP2 is phosphorylated (REACT_27185), Dephosphorylation of inactive SRC by PTPB1 (REACT_15464), Phosphorylation of FAK by Src kinase (REACT_18385), SHP2 dephosphorylates Tyr 992 on EGFR (REACT_12629), Recruitment of SHP-2 and SHP-1 to pSIRP alpha (REACT_23882), Sustained activation of SRC kinase by SHP2 (REACT_12601), Dephosphorylation of NCAM1 bound pFyn (REACT_18389), Dephosphorylation of Gab1 by SHP2 (REACT_12605), Activated FGFR and FRS2 bind to SHP2 (REACT_21248), PIP2 conversion to PIP3 (REACT_244), Dephosphorylation of STAT1 by SHP2 (REACT_24939), The SHC1:SHIP1 complex is stabilized by GRB2 (REACT_23911), Recruitment of FAK to NCAM1:Fyn in lipid rafts (REACT_18333), SOS binds Grb2 bound to pFAK:NCAM1 (REACT_18259), SHP2 phosphatase binds CTLA-4 (REACT_19203), SHP1 and SHP2 dephosphorylate Bc Y628 (REACT_23816), SHP2 binds c-Cbl upon IL-6 stimulation (REACT_27220), Recruitment of Grb2 to pFAK:NCAM1 (REACT_18375), Dephosphorylation of p-STAT1 dimer by nuclear isoform of TCPTP (REACT_25185), Interaction of Tie2 and Shp2 (REACT_16906), Dephosphorylation of TYK2 by PTP1B (REACT_25329), Interaction of PECAM-1 and SHP-2 (REACT_12509), SHP2 binds to the active receptor (REACT_16960), Activation of SHP2 through the binding to phospho-Gab1 (REACT_12466), SHP1 and SHP2 bind the common beta chain (REACT_24014), GRB2:GAB1:PI3Kreg binds to p-SHP2 on p-FRS2:activated FGFR (REACT_21411), Dephosphorylation of JAK1 by SHP1 (REACT_25289), NCAM1:pFAK:Grb2:Sos-mediated nucleotide exchange of Ras (REACT_18366), SHP2 is phosphorylated by activated FGFR (REACT_21372), Dephosphorylation of PAG by SHP2 (REACT_12390), Interaction of PECAM-1 and SHP-1 (REACT_12552), Autophosphorylation of NCAM1 bound Fyn (REACT_18343), SHP2 can recruit GRB2 (REACT_23965), Shp2 binds pUnc5C (REACT_22338), Interaction of SHP-1 or SHP-2 with phospho PD-1 (REACT_19198), Activated FGFR binds PI3K (REACT_21339).

biological_process: leukocyte migration, cell junction assembly, regulation of type I interferon-mediated signaling pathway, regulation of interferon-gamma-mediated signaling pathway, type I interferon-mediated signaling pathway, epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathway, interferon-gamma-mediated signaling pathway, insulin receptor signaling pathway, T cell costimulation, platelet activation, fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling pathway, axon guidance, blood coagulation, cytokine-mediated signaling pathway.

REACTOME_COMPLEX: High affinity binding complex dimers of cytokine receptors using Bc, inactive JAK2,p(Y593)-Bc:SHP1, SHP2 [plasma membrane] (REACT_24560), IL6:Tyrosine phosphorylated hexameric IL6 receptor:Activated JAKs:SHP2:CBL [plasma membrane] (REACT_27475), GRB2 and GAB1 bound to activated FGFR and FRS2-alpha [plasma membrane, cytosol, extracellular region] (REACT_21915), Grb2:pFAK bound to NCAM1:pFyn [plasma membrane] (REACT_18783), SHP2:GRB2 [cytosol] (REACT_24568), IL-6:Tyrosine phosphorylated hexameric IL-6 receptor:Activated JAKs:SHP2 [plasma membrane] (REACT_27469), Netrin1:pUnc5C:DCC:Shp2 [plasma membrane] (REACT_23193), pTie2 and SHP2 complex [plasma membrane] (REACT_17975), Activated FGFR:p-FRS2:p-SHP2 [plasma membrane, cytosol, extracellular region] (REACT_76410), Interleukin receptor complexes with activated SHC1:SHIP:GRB2 [plasma membrane] (REACT_24297), GRB2:GAB1:PIK3R1 bound indirectly to p-FRS2:activated FGFR through p-SHP [plasma membrane] (REACT_76289), Multiple phosphorylated FAK bound to NCAM:pFyn [plasma membrane] (REACT_18768), Fyn:NCAM1:RPTP-alpha [plasma membrane] (REACT_18571), PDGF:Phospho-PDGF receptor dimer:SHP2 [plasma membrane] (REACT_17654), PECAM-1:SHP-2 complex [plasma membrane] (REACT_13041), SHP-1/SHP-2:pBTLA:HVEM [plasma membrane] (REACT_19540), Activated FGFR bound to PI3K [plasma membrane] (REACT_21751), High affinity binding complex dimers of cytokine receptors using Bc, inactive JAK2,p(Y593,628)-Bc:SHP1, SHP2 [plasma membrane] (REACT_24887), Interleukin receptor complexes with activated SHC1:SHIP1 [plasma membrane] (REACT_24554), Grb2:Sos:pFAK bound to NCAM1:pFyn [plasma membrane] (REACT_18839), SHP2-GRB2:Phospho GAB1(dephos)-EGF-Phospho-EGFR dimer [plasma membrane] (REACT_12652), SHP-1/SHP-2 bound to phospho PD-1 [plasma membrane] (REACT_19972), SHP2-GRB2:Phospho GAB1-EGF-Phospho-EGFR dimer [plasma membrane] (REACT_12771), Activated FGFR:p-FRS2:SHP2 [plasma membrane] (REACT_76468), SHP2:GRB2:Phospho GAB1-EGF-Phospho-EGFR (-Y992) dimer [plasma membrane] (REACT_13205), IL6:Tyrosine phosphorylated hexameric IL-6 receptor:Activated JAKs:p-SHP2 [plasma membrane] (REACT_27855), PECAM-1:SHP-1 complex [plasma membrane] (REACT_13228), SHP2/SHP1:pSIRP alpha:CD47 [plasma membrane] (REACT_24824), Activated FGFR:p-FRS2-alpha:p-SHP2 [plasma membrane] (REACT_21961), pFAK (391) bound to NCAM1:pFyn [plasma membrane] (REACT_18498), pCTLA-4:Src kinases:SHP2 [plasma membrane] (REACT_19498), NCAM1 complexed with pFyn-Y420 [plasma membrane] (REACT_18470).

REACTOME_PATHWAY: Signal regulatory protein (SIRP) family interactions (REACT_23916), PI3K Cascade (REACT_976), PD-1 signaling (REACT_19324), Regulation of IFNA signaling (REACT_25216), Integrin cell surface interactions (REACT_13552), Costimulation by the CD28 family (REACT_19344), Hemostasis (REACT_604), Interleukin-2 signaling (REACT_27283), IRS-related events (REACT_762), Insulin receptor signalling cascade (REACT_1195), Interactions of the immunoglobulin superfamily (IgSF) member proteins (REACT_23853), Netrin mediated repulsion signals (REACT_22384), Integrin alphaIIb beta3 signaling (REACT_15523), Gab1 signalosome (REACT_12578), Tie2 Signaling (REACT_12621), Interferon gamma signaling (REACT_25078), FRS2-mediated cascade (REACT_21247), Down-stream signal transduction (REACT_17025), Signaling by FGFR (REACT_9470), Interleukin-3, 5 and GM-CSF signaling (REACT_23837), Cytokine Signaling in Immune system (REACT_75790), Platelet homeostasis (REACT_23876), Signaling by EGFR (REACT_9417), NCAM signaling for neurite out-growth (REACT_18334), Platelet sensitization by LDL (REACT_23879), Interleukin-6 signaling (REACT_27307), Adaptive Immunity Signaling (REACT_75774), Signaling by Insulin receptor (REACT_498), Signaling by PDGF (REACT_16888), Regulation of IFNG signaling (REACT_24980), Platelet Aggregation (Plug Formation) (REACT_278), PECAM1 interactions (REACT_12519), Platelet Activation (REACT_798), Immune System (REACT_6900), PI-3K cascade (REACT_21270), Interleukin receptor SHC signaling (REACT_23891), Axon guidance (REACT_18266), Cell surface interactions at the vascular wall (REACT_12051), Downstream signaling of activated FGFR (REACT_21272), CTLA4 inhibitory signaling (REACT_19405), Cell junction organization (REACT_20676), Interferon alpha/beta signaling (REACT_25162), IRS-mediated signalling (REACT_332), Interferon Signaling (REACT_25229), Signaling by Interleukins (REACT_22232), Netrin-1 signaling (REACT_22237), Formation of Platelet plug (REACT_20).

These properties come from blast2go analysis

molecular_function: rhodopsin kinase activity, protein tyrosine phosphatase activity.

biological_process: protein dephosphorylation.


Located in CM3.5_scaffold00032 from 2024617 to 2041576.

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In PhylomeDB is Phy003A2CH_CUCME .

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