Protein coding gene MELO3C007109

Accession: MELO3C007109

Name: MELO3C007109

Description: Similar to Decaprenyl-diphosphate synthase subunit 1 (Mus musculus) (uniprot_sprot:sp|Q33DR2|DPS1_MOUSE)


These properties come from kegg analysis

KEGG_REACTION: Dimethylallyl-diphosphate:isopentenyl-diphosphate (R01658).

molecular_function: dimethylallyltranstransferase activity.

These properties come from phylome analysis

molecular_function: protein heterodimerization activity, metal ion binding, transferase activity, protein binding, nucleic acid binding, trans-hexaprenyltranstransferase activity.

cellular_component: mitochondrial inner membrane, mitochondrion.

biological_process: negative regulation of apoptosis, positive regulation of locomotion, locomotion, positive regulation of growth rate, cellular response to stress, oviposition, neuroblast development, determination of adult lifespan, ubiquinone biosynthetic process, isoprenoid biosynthetic process.

These properties come from blast2go analysis

molecular_function: dimethylallyltranstransferase activity, trans-hexaprenyltranstransferase activity.

cellular_component: plastid, mitochondrion.

biological_process: isoprenoid biosynthetic process.


Located in CM3.5_scaffold00007 from 874598 to 882936.

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